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05-14-2012, 04:20 AM
Readme for the Allwinner A10 Multi-Device Rom Testing Forum


The Allwinner A10 is popular among a great many Chinese made tablets. Developers and experienced users have found that a firmware, stock or custom, could be used among different makes which have the same or similar hardware's. Since it is not common for any individual to have access to multiple tablets for development and/or testing, this forum is created to provide a place for testing and reporting compatible tablets to certain firmware, stock or custom.

Several advices to those who wish to try a firmware:

Before testing:
. Check the tablet specs. i.e CPU, screen size, screen type, memory amount, etc . . . A firmware for a 7" is not likely to work on a 10", and one for ips screen is not good for a regular screen.
. Save the original firmware in a safe place and be prepared to know how to restore in case of trouble.
. Understand the risk and is willing to accept it.

Your test is valuable to you, and to a great many others. Hence, sharing your result is much appreciated. The report should have, at the least, the following details:
. Firmware name, revision, and post/download link.
. Tablet name with cpu + screen + ram specs.
. The procedure that was used to flash. A description or a link to the procedure would be fine.
. How did you determine that the firmware is compatible, or not, to your tablet ? What apps or games have you tried, if the flash was successful, and for how long ? The more details that you can provide, the better.

I welcome any additional detail that could be added to make this guide more useful.

Forum Admin Group,

06-24-2012, 05:38 PM
I'm a new user of the forum, and I would like to know how to backup the original Rom, and if CWR work well for Allwinner A10 tablet (my device is Crownho Q701)

10-22-2012, 10:52 PM
I have already lost the original FW for my coby MID1042 so I am willing to test any and all goodies you come up with It seems that this little tablet is tougher than it looked as I have flashed pushed pulled slammed sneaked and generally abused its mental chambers hard for the last 2 or 3 week
ATM I have it back to needing the screen re calibrated everything else seems to be working.
If anyone has any info on how I can replace the touch screen functionality I would appreciate this as i have no original FW for this unit I need to get it back in working order then create a dump specific to it then I can experiment with it a bit better

Out of pure curiosity I opened my coby MID1042 and copied all the numbers and tags I could find there also I checked coby's web site and I found what I viewed as an Inconsistency so i ask what is the difference between Allwinner A10 and Allwinner Cortex A8 According to coby I purchased this unit:
CPU Type Allwinner Cortex™-A8
CPU Speed 1.0 GHz
According to what I seen inside the unit and copied down I have this unit:
Allwinner tech A10
C4024ca 24G1
PN:ASM-700-R768 V11

please explain to me what I am looking at is this the same thing in different terms or have I been trying to flash the wrong firmware?

CPU Type Allwinner Cortex™-A8
CPU Speed 1.0 GHz

Memory Type 1GB RAM

Hard Drive
Hard Drive Type Flash
Hard Drive Size Built-in 8GB/Expandable up to 32GB

Display Size 10.1
Display Type Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen
Display Resolution 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)
Aspect Ratio 16:9

WLAN Type WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Audio Input Built-in Microphone
Audio Output 3.5mm Headphone Jack & Built-in Speaker
Video Output High Speed HDMI, type C (mini), Supports 1080P and 720P

USB Port USB 2.0 High Speed Full Size and USB 2.0 Mini-USB Connector

Webcam Type Front Facing VGA 0.3MP

Media/Format Support
Audio Format Support Plays common internet formats
Video Format Support Plays common internet formats
Photo Format Support Displays common internet formats

OS Support Android 4.0

Certifications ETL, FCC

Power Input/Output AC 100-240VAC INPUT, DC 5V output
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Poly

Shipping Info
Unit Dimension (WHD) 10.37 x 0.5 x 6.4
Unit Weight (LB) 1.5

This is the entire package as promoted on Coby's web site for the Mid1042

11-14-2012, 09:36 AM
I recently sent a request to Coby concerning my Coby Mid1042 touch screen problem and there response was very kind this time response below

My Letter to tech support
My first Email was a bit harsh Plz understand I contacted cust support for assistance and the only response I got was a bunch of you will void the warranty over and over (I am not so much worried about warranty as this thing is virtually indestructible programming wise)All I was looking for was some assistance in resetting the touch screen calibration this unit is a tough tab and was purchased as a learning tool the screen works but is out of sync up goes left down goes right and so on

There response
We have received your inquiry. It appears that your unit is defective. Return the unit to the retailer for an exchange. If the retailer will not exchange your unit, then send the product to us as stated in the warranty.
1) Return the product to the below address:

COBY Electronics
Attn: Warranty Returns
150 Knowlton Way
Savannah, GA 31407

2) Include a copy of the receipt.
Our tablets carry either a 1 year warranty. Any tablet without a receipt is considered out of warranty. Our product is warrant ONLY in the North America region as indicated on the warranty card.

3) Provide a $15.00 Money Order for the return shipping of the replacement unit.

4) Provide a detailed note stating what is wrong with the unit.

5) Include in the note your full name, address, telephone number and email.

Technical Support

How about that was a bit shocked