• [ROM] Reactor Custom ICS LY-F1 Firmware 4.03 20120326

    From our friend Droid of Android Geek Romania a custom ICS firmware for the LY-F1 tablet.

    Highlights as follows:

    -ad free (patched hosts file) -> no more ads in apps
    -120 dpi (higher res)
    -DeviceID = Motorola Xoom -> can see more apps in Market
    -preinstalled apps: Google Maps, Facebook, Ghost Commander, Terminal Emulator
    -wi fi and interface tweaks
    -JPEG Quality 100%
    -render UI using GPU
    -various performance tweaks

    Download: http://androidtabletfirmware.com/firmwa ... U2ODM5MzY1

    LiveSuit V1.07 http://www.mediafire.com/?idmeiyvr8xbt6rd

    Usb_driver http://www.mediafire.com/?oo4fo44mbkpbz4i

    Open LiveSuit then follow instructions. Once you have selected the ROM with Livesuite click finish.
    1. Hold volume+ key down and attach USB cable to tablet.
    2. Continue to hold volume+ key until drivers have installed, then while still holding volume+ press the power button several times until the pop-up window asks for format confirmation. It is always best to format when flashing a new ROM
    3. You can release the volume+ and power buttons and click yes on the format confirmation. The ROM installs automatically.
    4. After the ROM install is complete the tablet will reboot. You can disconect the USB when it shuts down.

    Original Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/683dvg1be

    Official website + installation tutorial (in Romanian but you can use translate): http://android.weboo...speed-t194.html
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