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    How to get logcat and dmesg outputs for trouble shooting !

    A common method for trouble shooting is to analyze logcat and dmesg outputs.
    The procedure to get the outputs is described belows:
    Go to app folder, run Terminal Emulator with the following commands:

    dmesg >/mnt/sdcard/dmesg.txt
    logcat -d -v time >/mnt/sdcard/logcat.txt
    Explanation: su = become superuser; dmesg command = get kernel log; logcat command = get android system log.
    Attach the logs to your post if you wish to have others helping you understanding the outputs.

    Here is a more basic how-to for the first time user.

    1> Go to 'MyApps' folder, find 'Terminal Emulator' icon and run it.
    2> A blue screen appears, with tiny fonts. See Tip #1 to make the font larger.
    3> Type su at the $ prompt. The prompt on the next line will change from $ to #
    4> Type dmesg >/mnt/sdcard/dmesg.txt at the # prompt on the next line. Note that there is a space between dmesg and the '>'
    5> Type logcat -d -v time >/mnt/sdcard/logcat.txt at the next # prompt. Note that there are four spaces within the command.
    6> Exit Terminal Emulator, and run a file explorer. There should be a logcat.txt and a dmesg.txt in the root of the sdcard.
    7> Upload and attach the two files to a posting.

    Several tips:
    1> The default font is very small. Press the 'menu' button (located between the 'home' and the 'back' buttons on the right bezel) will bring up a menu screen. Select 'Preferences, then 'Font size' then '20 point'. Exit and run the app again.
    2> The command prompt is similar to a Windows environment:
    The ' at the command line means that we're running without superuser access.
    The '#' at the command line means that we're running with superuser access.
    3> Copy to output files to PC and use something like notepad+ (not the windows build-in notepad) to read.


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